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  • August 08, 2022
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  • GMT Moving Forward
    Updated On: Jul 09, 2021


    Fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. GMT employees can put in up to 15-hour split shifts each day to keep the wheels turning around the state. They deserve the freedom to choose how to use their time off!

    • Did you know that the drivers at GMT do not fall under the Federal Guidelines for hours of service like a private bus company? The buses run almost twenty hours per day and drivers can work up to 15 hours after they initially punched in and can be required, on any given day, to work up to 13.5 hours after their first punch of the morning! They do this to keep the wheels turning and everyone from factory workers, to store clerks to school kids moving forward with their lives.

    Our health, as shift workers is always under pressure, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic àWe are standing together to protect our healthcare will you stand with us?

    • During the pandemic, GMT workers were front and center as essential workers transporting the public on essential trips even during the most stressful times of the pandemic. Many public transit employees across the state became ill with COVID-19 during the pandemic and at one point GMT themselves had over a dozen employees quarantining after an outbreak. Even when the governor decided to put them at the back of the line for vaccinations the buses still ran in Burlington, keeping Burlington moving forward and we hope that you can stand with us to protect the driver’s healthcare.

    Retaliatory management tactics impact all of our freedoms à tell GMT to stop manipulating the rules and play fair with their employees!

    • Whether they are retaliating against groups of employees for filing grievances, or changing the rules day to day GMT just can’t seem to grasp the idea that fair play is as important in the workplace as it is in sports. The drivers hope that they can move forward onto a more level playing field where the company stops manipulating the rules.

    Working people at GMT want time away from work to rest, spend time with their families and live their lives. They deserve to have that choice!

    • Whether it is to recover from a 15-hour day, get to a doctor’s appointment or just take a vacation, everyone deserves time away from the office, and when you do shift work, it takes a toll on your health and it takes a toll on your body. Just like everyone in America, we hope we can move forward into a new era where work life balance is taken into account and taking earned time off isn’t a criminal offense.

    All GMT Drivers deserve time away from work à a handful of part time drivers who work hard at two jobs find it almost impossible to earn Paid Time off àIt is time for GMT to give them equitable treatment!

    • Many of the people who fill in at GMT as part timers do so at the drop of a hat. They can be forced in too, just like the full timers, but without any of the benefit of earning a vacation day unless they can carve out titanic amounts of time in addition to their other jobs. It is time for GMT to move forward and treat these part timers as the valuable team members that they are and allow them to earn time off the same way as every other driver in the company.

    Real freedom for GMT employees to continue serving the community we call home, with piece of mind. We will always put safety front and center, but we won’t put our families in the rear view. We have a Fair time off policy, and we want to keep it!

    • The drivers at GMT are community members who care about the community and volunteer to make it a better place. You will see them at baseball games, at religious observations, graduations, and just like you they want the time to go there and to stay rested when they are keeping you moving forward out on the public roads. The company has the ability to hire and train, why take away the ability to participate in the community from their drivers?

    Drivers at GMT spent the pandemic working for you, running the public buses around the northern part of the state à Please show them your support and tell GMT they deserve a fair contract!

    • The drivers at GMT help keep you moving forward, tell GMT to stop trying to move back! You can let them know your thoughts at the links below:

    or you can call them at (802) 864-2282

    or you can always comment on their Social Media Postings!!

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