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  • June 18, 2021
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  • Scabby the Rat came out to Greet Scott Walker
    Updated On: Jun 06, 2019
    Hundreds gather in Burlington to protest Scott Walker.
    On May 30th, on a warm afternoon near the end of spring, dozens of pro union and pro worker organizations united in Burlington, Vermont to give a hearty Vermont welcome to disgraced former Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Gathered outside of the Burlington Hilton in downtown, their shouts could be heard echoing along the waterfront. It wasn't the usual warm welcome that most would expect from the tiny, hospitable state of Vermont, but then again, Scott Walker isn't the usual tourist. Many, including members of Teamsters Local 597, were there to protest the seemingly endless attacks against the working class perpetrated by Walker, including his legislation stripping collective bargaining rights from faculty, home healthcare workers, as well as people working for the University of Wisconsin hospitals and clinics. Many were there hoping that Phil Scott will think twice before engaging in any of the failed policies that led Wisconsin to add jobs at 6% below the nation average during Walker's tenure, and led President Trump to point out that under Walker's leadership ‘Wisconsin is doing terrible. It's in turmoil.’ The disgraced former governor, dragging baggage from the still evolving Foxconn debacle and the implosion of his state party under his leadership where it racked up at least $350,000 in debt (Journal Sentinal) trying to save his political career, seems to have searched out a quieter entrance on his way to meet with the sitting Vermont governor Phil Scott. For some reason he didn't come outside to gloat to the crowd, as he does in his book, about how ‘Seniority and Tenure are now gone in Wisconsin’ (Washington Times). Maybe if he had, he might have finally gained a little perspective. As the sun set accross Lake Champlain on the protesters, like it did this January on Scott Walker's divisive career, hope and accomplishment was heavy in the air. Hope that labor and pro worker organizations in Vermont can unite to fight off the new wave of corporatism and steer the fight for workers in the best direction, where their voices can be heard clearly in their fight for fair schedules, fair elections, and fair wages.
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